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Peds 360+™ is an integrated healthcare ecosystem dedicated to enhancing the holistic wellness of our patients and families. We are a patient-centered medical home that has an expertise in pediatrics with a focus on family engagement for the purpose of delivering more than 360 degrees of care. That’s the plus! We use a transdisciplinary approach to address health inequities, childhood trauma, and social determinants of health. We believe that by fostering individual and community resilience, we can create lasting improvements in overall well-being.

Welcome to Peds 360+

Introducing the 2023 Well City Challenge 2.0 Finalist & Abington’s Newest Pediatric Practice!

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Our Purpose
Promote equity in pediatric wellness, ensuring marginalized communities have equal access to high-quality care and support.

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Our Care Team
At Peds 360+, expect exceptional care for all your child's needs—sickness, health, and an exceptional patient experience.

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Conventional Pediatrics
Peds 360+ offers comprehensive pediatric care, including prenatal classes, milestone check-ins, sports physicals, and more. We prioritize your child's well-being at every stage of their growth.

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Innovative Therapies
Peds 360+ blends conventional allopathic medicine with innovative therapies like yoga, gardening, hydroponics, and nutrition.

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Peds 360+ Holistic Pediatrics

Abington Township’s Neighborhood Pediatric Medical Practice

Welcome to Peds 360+, a unique and innovative pediatric medical practice dedicated to delivering comprehensive, family-centered care through an integrated approach. Located in Abington Township, PA, we are committed to promoting overall health and wellness, addressing social determinants of health (SDOH), and fostering a healthier, happier community.

We provide comprehensive care for children of all ages, addressing their unique healthcare needs through a blend of conventional medicine and innovative therapies. Led by Dr. Nichelle Adegbite-Maraventano, an African American female pediatrician with nearly two decades of experience, including ten years serving diverse communities in Philadelphia, our dedicated team of healthcare professionals is here to provide exceptional pediatric care. We combine conventional allopathic medicine with innovative therapies such as yoga, gardening, nutrition, and massage to promote holistic well-being. At Peds 360+, we believe in addressing childhood trauma, social determinants of health, and promoting health equity for all members of the community. Our mission is to advance the field of medicine and achieve improved outcomes for our patients and families. We prioritize preventative medicine, striving for long-term health improvements, building resilience, and addressing the mental health crisis.

Our Purpose: Promote equity in pediatric wellness, ensuring marginalized communities have equal access to high-quality care and support.

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Peds 360+™ Ready, Set, Grow™
Join us for one of our highly anticipated Keepin' It Moving™ events and embark on an enriching journey of growth, well-being, and discovery with Peds 360+™. This is your opportunity to register and secure your spot, allowing your child to thrive and flourish at every stage of their development. Discover our comprehensive range of services and innovative approaches that unlock their full potential. Get ready, set, grow with Peds 360+™ and empower your child to reach new heights of success and wellness!

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Peds 360+™ Thinking Outside the Blocks and Elevating Traditional Pediatrics Care™
Join us for our upcoming Keepin' It Moving™ event and experience the innovative approach of Peds 360+™ Thinking Outside the Blocks and Elevating Traditional Pediatrics Care™. Discover the comprehensive care we offer, including free PA PIAA Physical Exams, and take part in our engaging breakout sessions designed for adolescents, parents, and guardians. Explore topics such as fostering a spiritual connection and a more centered life, having conversations about mental health with your kids, addressing trauma and social determinants of health, cultivating a growth mindset in children, maintaining cardiovascular health, and embracing the practice of paying attention to mind, body, and spirit. Register now to secure your spot and empower your child's growth and well-being with Peds 360+™!

One Practice, One-Stop Wellness Care For Your Entire Family.

Peds 360+ is proud to be your neighborhood pediatrician. Our vision is to establish a sustainable healthcare system that ensures equity, affordability, and high effectiveness for both patients and their families. Through our unwavering dedication, we seek to create enduring positive transformations within the healthcare landscape.

Peds 360+™ Ready, Set, Grow™

Step into the exciting world of agriculture and sustainability with the Peds 360+™. This is your chance to sign up and secure your family’s spot, giving you the opportunity to thrive and flourish as you learn about hydroponics and its impact on our well-being and the environment. Discover our innovative educational experiences and hands-on activities that unlock your family’s curiosity and potential. Inspire your child to reach new heights of knowledge and environmental consciousness with Peds 360+™ Hydroponics Ready, Set, Grow™ Program!

We Accept Most Insurance

At Peds 360+, we strive to make quality healthcare accessible to all. We accept a wide range of insurances, and for those without coverage or facing financial challenges, we also offer sliding scale payment options. If you have any questions about your coverage or need assistance in planning your visit and payment, our dedicated team is here to help. Your well-being is our priority.

About Us

At Peds 360+, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive and compassionate pediatric healthcare services to children and families in our community. With a focus on holistic wellness and evidence-based practices, our team of healthcare professionals is committed to promoting the physical, emotional, and developmental well-being of every child we serve. Through personalized care, collaboration, and innovation, we strive to empower families and create a healthier future for our pediatric patients. Learn more about our mission, values, and services by contacting us today.

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